Lakes & Recreation

a living resource

Since beginning work on Lay Dam in 1912, Alabama Power has played an important role in water management across the state. With 14 hydro facilities on the Coosa, Tallapoosa and Warrior rivers, we have the unique challenge of balancing the needs of those depending on these beautiful resources for electricity, flood control, recreation, economic opportunity, irrigation, navigation and fish and wildlife.

shoreline management

Shoreline Management

As an operator of 11 lakes across the state, we have certain management rights and obligations for construction activities occurring along more than 3,500 miles of shoreline.

Our Lakes

Our Lakes

Our 14 hydro generation facilities have the potential to power more than 700,000 homes and provide about 6 percent of our company's annual electric power production.

water safety


Along with providing renewable energy, the lakes we manage provide crucial habitat for a variety of plants, animals and aquatic species. Learn more about our efforts to preserve them.

rivers and dams

Rivers & Dams

Learn more about the unique characteristics and beauty of each of the rivers and dams we manage and why they have drawn people to these lake shores of almost 100 years.

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